# Requesting dbGaP Access

For access-controlled HTAN data, you must first complete a dbGaP request.

To get started on your dbGaP request, first navigate to the HTAN dbGap page at: phs002371, and click the Request Access button. You will be prompted to login to dbGaP. Once logged in, click the Create New Research Project button, and follow the on-screen application process.

As per dbGaP instructions, you will be prompted for relevant information, including:

  • A research statement and a nontechnical summary statement describing your planned use of the data.
  • The name of the institutional signing official who will certify the terms of use assurances on behalf of your institution.
  • A list of all internal investigators at your institution who will share access to the data for the proposed research.
  • A list of external collaborating investigators.
  • The name of the information technology (IT) Director.

dbGaP will notify you when your application has been approved.