# Introduction to HTAN

The Human Tumor Atlas Network (HTAN) is a National Cancer Institute-funded Cancer Moonshot initiative focused on studying the transitions of human cancers as they evolve from precancerous lesions to advanced disease.

The network consists of ten research centers and a Data Coordinating Center (DCC). Five of the research centers are focused on developing pre-cancer atlases, and the remaining five centers are focused on developing tumor atlases. We also have two pilot projects, one focused on pre-cancer atlases, and one focused on tumor atlases.

Each research center is responsible for gathering and processing samples, and running their own experimental assays. Assays vary by center, but most centers have a strong focus on single cell RNA-Seq and a wide range of multiplex imaging modalities.

All centers are required to submit their clinical, biospecimen and assay data to the HTAN DCC using a common HTAN Data Model. The DCC makes HTAN data available to the wider scientific community.